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Club Master Lite

If you don't need all the features of full specification Club Master then
Club Master Lite
is the answer

Based on our Club Master 6 product the Lite version offers:

  • Main database with user definable fields
  • Standard reports with full, multi level filter data selection
  • Family identification providing option for one letter and/or label per family
  • Mailing label print
  • Data export (for merging with word processing, etc).
  • Individual printout of all member details
  • Member payment history
  • Manual provided in pdf format
  • Online support via email and web based help demos
  • Unlimited number of members

Club Master Lite can be upgraded to full specification Club Master at any time!

Club Master Lite costs just and is available as a download only

Club Master emailer and Club Attend both work with Club Master Lite

Please note that Club Master Lite does not have a Waiting List database or an Ex Members database

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