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Club Master eMailer

Club Master eMailer is a standalone product which allows you to use the email addresses in your Club Master database to send messages directly from Club Master.

Club Master emailer

Club Master eMailer displays all the addresses from your database and allows you to select all, individually select or block select. Please note! each member receives an individually addressed email

You can also select all and then deselect members who you do not wish to include.

You can also use the multi level filtering from Club Master to select your recipients.

Club Mail message

Close the email list and type your email. Add attachments, click Send and the message line next to the send button will confirm that your mail has been sent successfully.

It really is as easy as that!

Club Master eMailer is included with our top specification configuration for Club Master and is available as an add on with the other configurations.

NEW for version 6!!

You can now add any field from the member's record to totally personalise each email.

Club Mail features


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